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About Dr. Hauschka

As a young man, biochemist Dr Hauschka (pronounced How-shka) – yes, there was a real Dr Hauschka – was looking for a way to preserve plant extracts, without using synthetic preservatives or alcohol. He eventually managed to do this, after having some advice from fellow scientist Dr Rudolf Steiner, who told him to “study rhythm – rhythm carries life”. (Only in German, of course, not English.)

By exposing his mixture to the rhythms and polarities of nature – day and night, light and dark – he kept this extract stable, and even today, many of the products in Dr Hauschka skincare are products are still made using this unique rhythmical processing.

Another of his goals was “to support the healing of humanity and the earth” and this too continues today, as WALA Heilmittel, the parent company, are forever winning accolades, not just for the wonderful skin care products, but for their sustainable practices, like recycling rainwater, copper roofs, generous employment packages etc.

They are also involved in some great CSR projects, like teaching ex-heroin farmers to grow bio-dynamic roses, building a processing unit for women in Burkina Faso and initiating the very first organic mango butter production in India. It’s nice to know, when you apply hand cream, that those less fortunate are getting a helping hand too.

If you are ever in Stuttgart, it’s well worth visiting the beautiful bio-dynamically cultivated garden in which the Dr Hauschka factory is situated. It’s like nowhere else on earth.

Dr Hauschka truly is helping to harness the ‘healing powers of nature for the benefit of Humankind’, as well as healing our skin.

My Approach

To respect the ethical nature of the products and the company who produce them, I mirror this in the place and way in which I work:

    • Towels & compresses are made of organic cotton
    • Only organic cotton wool is used
    • The room in which I work is painted with Clay paint
    • The sheets & towels are washed with an EcoEgg
    • Electricity is supplied by the lovely green Ecotricity
    • The herb teas served after your treatment are from Pukka or organically grown in my garden

One of the most important things for me is the quality of the products, which are grown either organically, or biodynamically, and in some instances sustainably wild crafted.

Not only that, though: they really do work

So, if you are seeing the march of the years upon your face and you’re unhappy with what you see in the mirror, I can share with you how to have radiant, smoother, more youthful skin.
Regardless of your current age, you can look so much better, with some great help and advice.
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