Classic Facial Treatment

“A week’s holiday in two hours”Created by Elisabeth Sigmund in the 1950s, the Classic is a ‘full-body’ facial. Starting with a scented footsoak, your legs, arms, hands and feet are massaged with sweet-smelling unguents to relax you. Your face is gently but deeply cleansed, before two curative masks are applied. Then the unique Dr Hauschka Lymph massage with brushes. “Like being stroked by angel wings”

Facial Firming Treatment

An adaption of the Classic Facial, adding specialised targeted care to assuage the signs of ageing and tiredness. Firming applications treat the neck and delicate eye area to smooth and strengthen the skin

Cleopatra Facial

Invest in your skin! Gold is expensive, but you’re worth it! “My skin looked and felt tighter and firmer. I imagine it’s like Botox, but without the needles.” What is it?Ooh, the luxury! Imagine your face coated in 24 carat gold leaf! Colloidal gold and/or silver, Organic Rose Water and pearl powder add to the luxury and effectiveness. (No Asses’ milk, so suitable for vegans, as well as anyone else.) How long is it?Allow over two hoursWhat’s the cost? – £295 – Gold is pricey, but your skin is worth it!