Best Foot Forward for Bonfire Night

 Poor old Guy Fawkes! Greatly maligned chap, in my view. After all, who hasn’t felt moved to blow up Westminster Palace at some point? 

     Whatever his failings, and possibly he had a few (particularly his choice of fellow plotters) his fate was truly awful. So why the annual celebration of the burning of a bloke who should be feted as a hero?

     Although I do love the fire, I still find it slightly repellent to see an effigy of a person on a bonfire, and always have, and once, as a small child, I was so terrified a real person was being burned, I had to be taken home 

     As an adult, seeing an effigy in flames always reminds me of the generally harmless wise women, the herb gatherers and healers, who used herbs, scented oils and crystals (like me in my own small way) and were burned as witches. Not so jolly, so my feelings about Bonfire night are somewhat mixed.

     Plus – the NOISE! I don’t mind the lumière, it’s the son I can’t abide

     As I am married to a pyromaniac, we apparently have to let off some fireworks. So, I always go with him to buy them, to ensure that he doesn’t get anything too macho, and terrify the neighbourhood wildlife and pets. We once saw one called Armageddon, and even the chap selling it thought it was too loud, at 120 decibels. Which is louder than racing car, actually.

     We generally get some pretty ones, which don’t make any noise. Much like a well-behaved child. Apparently. (Obviously, I’ve not met many. Certainly not my own.)

     Anyway, prior to all that racket, out in the November chill, you might want to do your

     Because you may be standing around, in the cold and dark, admiring noisy, bangy things, and your feet might get cold too, so let’s give them a bit of TLC, either before or after, because they do so much and are so rarely thanked.

     You’ll need

  • A foot-bath*
  • Towel
  • Some bath oil
  • Foot cream
  • A nail pen
  • Socks (ideally cashmere, darling!)
  • Pen & paper

     What to do with this lot

     Fill the foot-bath with hot water and add something gorgeous. Sage bath is good, or Lavender if you are planning to go to sleep soon. Soak your feet in this lovely liquid

     While they soak, use the pen and paper to make notes about Christmas, so you avoid being panicked and buying everything at the petrol station on Christmas Eve. Like a man…

     When you have soaked sufficiently, dry your feet, and apply the foot cream generously. Gently push back your cuticles with the Nail pen, and then go all over your toenails with it, as if you are colouring in. (This will condition them beautifully.)

     Wait a few minutes for that lot to soak in, then draw on your socks and look smugly at your list! You – and your feet – should feel fab!

     The Neem Nail Pen is an absolute banger for toenails and fingernails. If you want your own, then make a note to buy yourself a Christmas Hand care set. Then you can tick that off your new list!

     Have a Radiant weekend!

     Love, Jx
     *Not the washing up bowl. Get one specially. You’ll be pleased in the long run!
PS You could book a Foot Treatment of course, but if you want it before Christmas, text the Pamper-Line for available dates, they’re filling up. 07961224560 will get my attention.