A simple way to get great skin

Sometimes the old ways are the best. Many moons ago, my mother told me to use a warm cloth before cleansing and a cool one afterwards. 

The first was to increase the circulation and open the pores, the second one to close the pores. 

But seriously, what would my mother know? 

I ignored that advice, until I started using Dr Hauschka, and found that the good doctor also advises warm and cool compressing, as a great way to gain and maintain radiant skin. I’ve now been doing it for twenty years, (And, Mama was right, of course!)

With new research about the skin’s ‘dew point’ and added knowledge about the Lymphatic system, and how that needs to be healthy if our skin is to look radiant, we can see that this old fashioned skincare practice is a brilliant way to look after our skin and keep it looking and feeling more youthful and vibrant. 

Compress with a warm cloth, splash off cleanser then use a cool compress to close pores

How to compress:

  • Fill the sink with warm water. 
  • Add a few drops of your favourite Bath Essence*
  • Place the compress in the water. 
  • Wring it out and wrap the cloth over your entire face, including the chin and jawline
  • Hold the cloth to your face for half a minute, and enjoy the delicious aroma
  • Repeat, then apply your cleanser 

After rinsing off your cleanser, wring out the compress in cool water, and reapply for a few moments. 

This contrast in temperature between the initial warmth and the cool compress stimulates the lymphatic system, meaning that wastes in the tissue fluid are more efficiently removed.

It also helps to activate the arrector pili muscles in the pores, stimulating them to contract and remove any dirt and stale oil lurking in the pores.  

Don’t make the mistake of using Essential oils – they will not dissolve in water. Use a proper Bath essence, like the Dr Hauschka ones.  

*Which bath essence is best?

  • Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence is great in the evenings, to promote a good night’s sleep, and used any time for sensitive skin
  • Rose is balancing and lovely for sensitive skin, and a pleasure for anyone who appreciates the glorious scent
  • Sage is ideal for oily, blemished skin and helps balance hormones
  • Lemon & Lemongrass is fab for morning awakening 
  • Spruce is superb, if you have a cold or hayfever, and also in autumn and winter 

Need more advice? Click here for more info http://bit.ly/lookingforradiantskin